Why book a hotel with 1 room when you can rent a whole house for the same price? If you normally book accommodation at a traditional hotel, it's well worth investigating the possibility of renting out an entire vacation home for the same price, that you'd expect to pay for a stock standard hotel room.

If you travel as a small group such as with your family members or a close group of friends, you'll be far more comfortable renting out a short-term rental property which will give each member or your group or each couple in your group, their own room, and privacy.

As an example, if you plan on taking a family vacation, you won't have to worry about being kept up at night by your children talking as they'll be able to share their own room.

Or if a member of your party frequently snores, they'll be able to sleep in their own room, which will prevent them from keeping everyone else up all night.

Another advantage of opting for a rental property over a small, cramped hotel room is that a large percentage of the properties on offer will boast multiple living areas, such as lounges, patios, and decks, which your party can use, instead of all being confined to a tiny living space in a hotel room.

Depending on the property you opt for you may be lucky enough to have a backyard, a garden, a patio or a deck to socialize or relax on! In many cases, your property's outdoor area may also boast unforgettable sea views or mountain mountain views.

Most hotel rooms only offer a single bathroom, which can make getting ready each morning a logistical nightmare, especially if every individual in your group wants a hot shower. However, if you choose to forgo staying in a small hotel room, for booking a vacation rental, you'll be able to choose an affordably priced property which features 2-3 bathrooms. Some properties may even boast luxurious en-suite bathrooms for each master bedroom which is offered.

If you're looking to obtain the best value for money possible, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that you'll be able to book a vacation rental for a week, which boasts multiple bedrooms for a fraction of the price which you'd expect to pay to rent a single hotel room for a week. So it makes no logical sense to stay at a hotel when you can stay at a beautifully furnished, well-maintained vacation property.

So if you're in charge of planning an upcoming vacation for a small group, it's well worth looking into the possibility of renting out a beautifully furnished vacation property!